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University of Victoria District Energy Plant

Credit: University of Victoria | Campus Planning & Sustainability

FVB is Prime Consultant & Mechanical Engineer through all phases of this major institutional capital project.
The University of Victoria owns and operates a district energy system on their campus and contracted FVB to review and rejuvenate their existing hot water district energy system. In order to analyse the system, the University of Victoria provided FVB with continuous data on building and plant energy usage, pressure, temperature and other data. FVB and its sub consultants used this data along with data obtained from site visits to analyze the system and provide recommendations on the next steps. The recommendation for upgrades and modifications were to target an overall 20% reduction in energy campus wide. Next steps included upgrades to specific ETSs, the connection of existing and future buildings, and a comparison of 7 plant options including cost analysis and preliminary plant drawings.
The rejuvenation included the addition of a new hot water central boiler plant. The location of the new plant required the design and construction of site services including hot water mains, power and communications duct banks, potable water service, and sanitary sewer service. The new hot water supply and return mains are approximately 490 m long and are 300 mm (12”) diameter direct buried, pre‐insulated piping. The power and communications duct banks were designed for the plant needs as well as for future expansion of the campus to new developments.

Key Deliverables:

  • FVB was hired as prime consultant; preliminary and detailed design
  • In depth campus hot water system rejuvenation study and cost estimates.
  • Analyzed operational data, and operating plants to determine where to focus upgrades and estimate energy savings.
  • Coordinating with civil, electrical, and cost sub consultants; procurement services
  • Construction support & contract administration; commissioning support for the site services utilities
  • Preparation of record documentation SI’s, PCO’s, CO’s, CD’s and Shop Drawing Reviews
  • Site Inspection & Report; Equipment Specifications; Review of close out documentation