Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility

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Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility


FVB supported the City of Vancouver in the design and implementation of their Neighborhood Energy Utility (NEU) in Southeast False Creek (SEFC), in time to meet the tight deadlines imposed by the 2010 Olympics. The Energy Centre’s primary source of heat is a two stage sewage heat pump that recovers waste heat from untreated urban wastewater, a renewable energy source. The sewage heat recovery supplies approximately 70% of the annual energy demand of the SEFC development. In addition to the sewage heat recovery at the Energy Center, solar thermal collectors on the roofs of buildings in the Olympic Village also supplies renewable thermal energy to the NEU. These real-world green energy solutions are contributing to cutting Vancouver`s carbon footprint and facilitating the goal of making all new buildings in Vancouver carbon neutral by 2020.


The NEU sewage heat recovery system is the first of its kind in Canada and serves 14 buildings throughout SEFC. FVB’s ability to meet tight time schedules while working with cutting-edge, sustainable technology lowers risk for our clients. At SEFC, it meant that not only was FVB retained for the conceptual District Energy Study, we were also retained for the detailed design of the piping and building transfer stations during the initial build out in 2006, as then again for the system expansion in 2010/11.



Project Milestones

– Initial Concept Study (2005)

– Design and Construction Support of 10 Energy Transfer Stations (2006)

– DPS Design over 800 trench metres of piping (2006)

– Energy Centre – Preliminary Engineering (2006)

– System Expansion – 1,100 metres of piping & 4 building ETS connections (2010)

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