Sudbury District Energy System

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Sudbury District Energy System


Downtown Sudbury, home of the Sudbury District Energy System.

Sudbury District Energy selected FVB Energy Inc. to provide a variety of business development, marketing and engineering services for this district energy system, which provides heating services to 7 government and commercial buildings in downtown Sudbury. The system started operations in 1999.


• Combined Heat & Power. The CHP plant utilizes two gas fired combined heat and power engines to produce 5 MW of electricity and 85% of the district heating system’s annual thermal energy requirements.
• District heating. The plant has a capacity of 31 million Btu/hour. The district heating system utilizes two natural gas fired boilers and a heat recovery boiler to provide 120 °C hot water. The distribution system utilizes European Standard (EN 253) thin wall steel pipe.
• District cooling. Multiple linked plants provide sufficient capacity to provide cooling for the buildings with electrical centrifugal chillers. The distribution system utilizes North American Standard plastic pipe (HDPE).



• Commercial buildings
• Government buildings


FVB Energy, Inc. Services

FVB Energy provided many types of services to make this project successful, including:
• Market assessment and feasibility analysis
• Conceptual design of district heating and cooling system
• Marketing and sales guidance and support
• Financial analysis and rate structure development
• Hydraulic modeling and thermal storage analysis
• Level two financial analyses prior to capital authorization
• Detailed design of plant, distribution piping and building connections
• Commissioning of system


Read more about the cogeneration plant here: