Company Profile

Company Profile

FVB Energy Inc. (FVB) is a full scope engineering and management consulting company, specializing in energy – including plant design, biomass considerations, heat pumps, and Combined Heat and Power. FVB brings 30 years of study, design, installation, and operational experience based on successful systems in Canada. Thanks to experiences from feasibility studies to design to the installation of operational systems, from natural gas to bioenergy to co-generation, FVB is able to bring real-world experience to the planning and consulting process.

FVB has a unique combination of planning, business, and technical skills and a range of experience in every Province and Territory in Canada and around the world. Our Swedish and American offices provide FVB Energy Canada with a global perspective. We use out experience to help clients make wise decisions about producing power, cooling, heating, and buying or selling energy. FVB Energy Inc. provides a unique and specialized resource to meet client needs:

• Businesses and technical issues are quickly identified and considered from the outset
• Valuable lessons learned through broad local, national, and international experience
• Knowledge of energy markets and business economics help drive system design decisions

FVB started operating in Canada in 1991. Soon thereafter two corporations were established: one in Canada in 1992 (proudly majority owned by its employees) and the other in the USA. The two North American FVB corporations have a common Board of Directors, with the President of FVB Sweden as Chairperson and Richard Damecour MBA, P.Eng. as the Chief Executive Officer. FVB has worked in every Province and Territory in Canada and employs 60 professional employees with offices in Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa. FVB’s Swedish parent company, Fjärrvärmebyrån ab (translates to “District Heating Bureau”), itself has been involved in many district energy project worldwide since 1970.

From Revelstoke Community Energy to Markham District Energy, FVB’s experience with turning business cases into full projects is unmatched. The multiple DES that FVB has continued to help bring into service year after year, since Oujé Bougoumou in 1993, are proof that FVB has the required long-term commitment and has acquired necessary expertise through implementation of real-world projects – not just studies.

The key quality that makes FVB unique as a consultant is a combination of business and technical skills focused on DE. In the majority of these projects, FVB developed the initial business case then followed through with system planning, marketing, design, construction and on-going support for operations and expansion.

FVB’s continued involvement with several operating DES that we have designed gives us a rare window on the industry that is invaluable for development of business cases for new DES, such as contemplated in this RFP.
FVB knows from experience that a business case must clearly show how a DES can be financed, which rests on it making sense for both the suppliers and the customers (building owners).


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