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University of British Columbia Energy Centre

FVB completed two detailed feasibility studies (in 2011 and 2012) for conversion of the DHS from steam to low- temp HW. Included in the 2nd study were complete DBD’s for ETS, DPS and EC. FVB designed the HW peaking boiler plant and established a realistic concept, budget, and design guidelines, including a proposed CHP (not in FVB’s scope).
FVB assessed technical feasibility and capital cost of replacing most of the existing steam Distribution Pipe System (DPS) with a Hot Water DPS. FVB’s feasibility study gained UBC approval for the project. FVB completed detailed Design Basis Documents (DBD’s) for the Energy Centre (EC), DPS, and Energy Transfer Stations. The detailed design for the DPS and ETS was narrowly awarded to another consultant on price, but the intellectual content was described in detail by FVB in the DBD’s. FVB was engaged by UBC to design a new large-scale HW EC to serve the HW District Heating System, consisting of high efficiency natural gas boilers with a condensing economizer to maximize efficiency, and provision for alternative energy sources. UBC subsequently installed a biomass gasifier with wood gas fired CHP unit, with FVB involved in providing operational support.

Key Systems:

  • EC – HW production at the University Plant including HW boiler, Heat Exchangers (HX), pumps, instruments, controls and piping.
  • DPS – External HW primary distribution pipe system
  • ETS – Internal piping to the building systems and associated HX, metering and controls in buildings.

Key Deliverables:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design concept/development, DBD’s, Capital costing
  • Construction documents (for EC only)
  • Tender support, negotiations, operational support
  • Construction support (engineering support during construction and contract administration)