FVB Down Under! – District Energy in Barangaroo

When the engineers at a large Australian development and engineering firm, needed an expert opinion for the design of a large District Energy Plant serving Sydney’s central business district’s new  development – Barangaroo South, they turned to FVB Energy as an international district energy expert to conduct a peer review of the design. The objective of the review was to advise on whether the design could exceed international district energy industry best practices, particularly for efficiency, reliability and ease of operation and maintenance, and suggestions that would further improve expected performance.
The Barangaroo development is a new commercial district comprising of:
* 275,000 m2 of new high and low rise commercial office space,
* 25,000 m2 of mixed use retail, fast food and restaurants,
* 30,000 m2 of hotels and apartments,
* 140,000 m2of high and low rise apartments,
* 60,000 m2 of basement car park, docks and plant areas.

FVB is proud to have been part of this community development project that puts sustainability first.  Barangaroo’s District Energy System will primarily be cooled by sea water from the Sydney Harbour, reducing their electrical demand and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions.