FVB Energy is a proud supporter of QUEST—Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow. QUEST just held its sixth annual conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was the organization’s largest event held to date in Canada, attracting more than 200 delegates from major northern climates such as the United States, China, Sweden and from all across Canada. IDEA was a major sponsor of the event, and IDEA President and CEO Rob Thornton gave a great presentation on how district energy delivers efficiency and resiliency to local economies.

IDEA is joining forces with QUEST to help lead Canadian cities to become some of the most sustain-able communities in the world. We believe that we can help QUEST in its efforts. District energy systems are often more efficient than standalone boilers and chillers due to their size, helping improve efficiency. Energy is optimized because low-grade waste heat from factories or electricity production can be reused for heating due to our thermal grids.

By joining forces, IDEA and QUEST can become a formidable voice for our cities and our environment. QUEST is committed to making integrated community energy solutions the preferred way of doing business for new development and redevelopment in every community in Canada. IDEA wants to help QUEST make that a reality.

Both FVB and IDEA will be supporting QUEST’s upcoming conference in Markham, Ont., home of arguably one of Canada’s most successful district energy systems. It is an opportunity to showcase to Canadians the benefits of district energy. No doubt the city of Markham will be touting its business attractiveness and how its district energy system convinced major companies to set up shop locally.

I hope you will join us in Markham Nov. 12-14, 2013, at the Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa for this event, held in partnership with the city of Markham, Markham District Energy Inc. and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

~ Richard Damecour,
CEO, FVB Energy

Image of Richard Damecour a chief executive officer for the FVB Energy executive leadership team.